Honda Zoomer-X is coming soon

Coming soon, Honda Zoomer-X. motorcycle with a unique shape and is believed to be potential successors Honda Ruckus, as you know that Honda Ruckus has a shape and design are just a skeleton, in contrast to the Zoomer-X has a cover design framework of all order.

I have seen from Thaispyshot internet site, which has issued photographs of  Zoomer-X is still not clearly visible. According Thaispyshot, a figure that was photographed Zoomer-X version of the production. As seen in the design of light, Zoomer-X makes the design of the lamp with a unique shape, which is an eight square-shaped.

I think Zommer-X is a stylish sports scooter adventure, Zoomer-X is also seen wearing a long front fork type upside down, complete with handlebar bar. While the wheels fitted with 12-inch diameter alloy wheels. And a refueling pit menariklagi on this scooter riders are among the foot, it tertlihat unlike any type of motorcycle.

According to reports from several local media Thailand, Zoomer-X to install the engine capacity of 110 cc or 125 cc, of course, with the injection system