Ryno Micro-Cycle The One wheeled motorcycle

I am very impressed with this bike, but unique, this bike is also environmentally friendly. Ryno Micro-Cycle has a unique design, the other with another motorcycle, Ryno Micro-Cycle has only one wheel only. With one wheel, power efficiency is very high. Ryno's why Micro-Cycle-called eco-friendly motorcycles.

Although it only has one wheel only, Ryno Micro-Cycle is very easy to drive and the first stage you use the Ryno Micro-Cycle, surely you can master this one wheel bike. That's because, Ryno using large tires with wide soles. Handlebars are equipped with windshield and cockpit.

Ryno is equipped with a lithium-iron-phosphate which can cover a distance of 48 miles, with a fully charged battery condition. Owner simply charging the battery for 1.5 hours. Ryno can be sped up to speeds of 40 km / h.

Ryno Micro-Cycle weighs 57 pounds, and can explore the narrow streets, and get in the elevator for those of you who have a residence in an apartment, you are also suitable for the pedestrians in urban areas. Ryno also great for close range transport. The price for this bike around U.S. $ 4,500, and according to news from various media, Ryno will soon be marketed in early 2013.