Stumble for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team at Mugello

Yuki Takahashi Mugello 2012

It has not been a good day for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team here at Mugello where the expectations were so high. A complicated beginning of race with De Angelis touching with another rider after the first turn causing him to go long and with Takahashi having the exact same problem and ended up going long.

The comeback during the race for the Japanese rider made him finish in 17th position very close to the points, while the rider from San Marino, at the team’s home race, ended the race after only three laps due to a crash exiting the Casanova Savelli turn.

Yuki Takahashi
“The start was not very good and then I made a mistake entering the first corner in the wrong gear and that made me lose positions. In this weekend everyone has worked very hard and I am very happy with the general setting. It is getting better and better. During the race we had some problems but the setting was good. I am sorry I wasn’t able to make a good result for the team’s home race. From now on I want to concentrate on making good results in this second half of the season.”

Alex de Angelis – not classified
“Unfortunately what happened today during the race is what had already happened before during the free practices, in the change of direction the bike is very unstable. After a good start of the race I touched with rider and went long on the first turn and lost positions. I was pushing to comeback and exiting the Casanova Savelli the bike was going too fast and I couldn’t do anything else other than go straight. I tried to break before the barriers in order not to crash. I am really sorry because I thought it could have been a good race today with good results. Even if it is only our third race with the FTR we have achieved a lot so far.”

Pietro Caprara - Moto2 Technical Director
Unlucky race for Alex De Angelis, who after only three laps lost control of his bike for reason that we are currently analyzing. We are analyzing the problem that we thought we had solved but that seems to have resurfaced during the beginning of the race. It was a real shame for the contact in the first turn with another rider. It was a beginning of race in which he was gaining positions until the crash. Unlucky race for Yuki Takahashi as well, in which at the end of the first lap went straight after a touching with another rider.  An uphill race from the start with a big gap, which is a shame because he could have fought in the Top8 positions with the pace he had during rest of the race.”

NGM Mobile Forward Racing Moto2 Press Release

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Source: http://www.zimbio.com/MotoGP/articles/-SJD73254tJ/Stumble+NGM+Mobile+Forward+Racing+Team+Mugello

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